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COP24 - the climate summit in Katowice will be the largest gathering in the world under the auspices of the United Nations this year. The Forum Energii has developed the Manual, which allows its users to orientate in the international negotiations on climate. It contains set of tips on how to get involved in the process, how to positively influence the negotiations and build the image of Poland. 

The aim of the manual is to explain the complexity of the process of global climate negotiations. It is to help to understand how this year's summit will proceed and what its goals are. - says Lidia Wojtal, author of the manual, involved in global climate negotiations for over 10 years. - I hope that it will be useful to everyone who will participate in the meeting in Katowice or observe it in media.

This will undoubtedly be the most important COP that Poland has ever led. - says Paweł Mikusek from the Forum Energii. - We are hosting this meeting for the fourth time, but this time the key is to set the rules for the implementation of the Paris Agreement. It can shape the framework of international efforts to protect the climate in the next years.

Running the global climate summit is not only a prestige. It is also an opportunity to present ourself as a country that can efficiently moderate global negotiations and care for the interests of the global community. The success of the COP24 organization could be significant for the position of Poland in the UN Security Council.

"COP24 in Katowice. Manual" explains how complicated the role of the state holding the Presidency is. On the one hand, the Polish President  of COP should, in accordance with the law of the Treaty, moderately lead the negotiations. On the other hand, the Polish delegation must strive for national interests. In addition, Poland is an EU Member State that coordinates its position at the COP. Achieving success in Katowice requires a skillful reconciliation of all these rules.

The Manual also explains the impact of the global climate negotiations process on domestic policy and economy. It gives examples of the relations between negotiations during the COP and the development of European energy and climate policy. It shows how Poland has so far fulfilled its international obligations.

The success of Poland requires the involvement and cooperation of many entities: government administration, business and - especially important in the climate process - non-governmental organizations. The COP24 manual, developed by the Forum Energii, can be a source of knowledge on what the climate summit really is and how to achieve its goals. If we succeed in presenting Poland as an efficient organizer and a country that effectively mobilizes the global community to fight climate challenges, we will all win.


Title of analysis: "COP24 in Katowice. Manual" 
Date of publication: July 2018
Author: Lidia Wojtal


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