Energy transition in Poland | Edition 2018


Poland still has the least diversified mix of energy sources in the EU. However, we have been observing a decline in the share of coal in favor of gas and RES. This is, to a small extent, associated with a decrease in greenhouse gas emissions. 


These are the most important conclusions from the analysis of the transformation of the Polish energy sector carried out by the Forum Energii. The study was prepared on the occasion of UN climate summit in Katowice. A declaration is needed on how we intend to fulfill international obligations regarding reduction of the negative impact of energy system on the environment.

Main conclusions 

  • The Polish power sector is slowly beginning to change.
  • The generating side still remains the least diversified in the European Union.
  • The share of coal in the energy mix decreased to 78.4%, while the position of RES and gas is growing in strength.
  • Due to legislative changes, the development of RES has been suspended since 2016.
  • The diversification of gas supplies results in increased gas consumption.
  • CO2 emissions have increased in recent years, despite a decrease at the beginning of the 1990s.
  • The lack of strategy for development and achievement of goals is the greatest challenge for the Polish power sector.


Title of analysis: Energy Transition in Poland 2017 
Date of publication: July 2018
Authors: Rafał Macuk, Joanna Maćkowiak Pandera, Andrzej Rubczyński, Forum Energii

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