COP24 - chance for Poland


During COP24, Poland will take over the presidency in global climate negotiations for a year. We will organize a summit for 200 million PLN for the fourth time - as the only one in the world. Success will give us prestige and prove that we can lead the global debate, while failure could result in distaste.

About 25,000 participants of the COP24 climate summit are expected today in Katowice and that includes representatives of over 190 countries, journalists, representatives of business and international institutions. Apart from global security issues, climate negotiations are the most important process taking place within the UN.

The main objective of the climate summit is to develop rulebook for the implementation of the Paris Agreement. It is a new global agreement for CO2 reduction, adaptation to climate change, technology transfer and financing of climate protection. It is to start functioning until 2020. For this to happen, it is necessary to clarify the rules of its operation and this is the most important task for Katowice. Establishing the details of such a comprehensive agreement is very difficult. Poland as a host can not give arguments to others for blaming her for possible failure.

A unique influence

Not only the outcome of the negotiations is very important. The COP24 is a place where Poland can show a new approach to energy, innovative projects and future plans for environmental protection. It also serves as an occasion to  encourage to invest in our country. 

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Author: Paweł Mikusek 
Date of publication: 3 December 2019