Poland can contribute to the EU’s 55% target while solving key problems


Poland is lagging behind cutting greenhouse gas emissions, but diversifying its energy mix, making heating clean and increasing traffic electrification could improve emission reductions and transform the economy for the future.


Poland faces some severe challenges in its overall energy transformation. Among them are the need to diversify the energy mix, improve air quality, address high electricity and heat prices, and how to set its overall decarbonisation strategy – all costly, all urgent.

To do this, the country needs clarity in its strategy, including deadlines and funding. Despite a slow start, Poland should seek to embed its strategy in the EU-wide 55% emissions reduction target while also pursuing national, flagship projects to a number of difficult challenges in energy, heating, transport, industry and agriculture.

The set of projects proposed by Forum Energii could result in as much as a 44-51% cut in Poland’s emissions by 2030.

This is an introduction to the article published by Aleksandra Gawlikowska-Fyk in Euractive on 24 November 2020The full text is available here.