Academy of Energy - 9th edition



Forum Energii is a partner of the 9th edition of the Academy of Energy organized by the Lesław A. Paga Foundation. Academy of Energy is an educational project addressed to people who bind their professional future to the energy sector. Its aim is to provide a platform for the exchange of knowledge between professionals and those just starting their careers in the area.


The Academy will be attended by students of the last years of studies and graduates of universities in the fields of economics, law, finance, transport, journalism as well as technical universities.

The motto of the 9th edition of the Energy Academy is: "Energy for difficult times - when the crisis is knocking on our door." The classes conducted by the experts will be devoted to topics related to, among others: energy transformation, energy efficiency, flexible and stable energy market and healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Due to the pandemic, lectures and workshops will be held online. Graduates of the Academy will take part in paid professional internships in partner companies and organizations, including the Forum Energii.

The experts of the Forum Energii will conduct classes on Polish energy policy and the shaping of the energy mix until 2050, calls related to the new goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions set by the European Commission, as well as in the area of heating.