Energy Innovation Hub | Aurora's outlook for Polish power market



On July 3, 2018, Forum Energii inaugurated the cycle of meetings called Energy Innovation Hub. During these meetings, we will discuss trends and innovations in the energy sector together with group of experts. The main guests of the first meeting were Dr. Manuel Koehler and Hanns Koenig from Aurora Energy Research. They presented their forecasts for the development of the energy market in Poland after the introduction of the capacity market.


Aurora Energy Research is an international company providing analytical services regarding energy markets. It was founded in 2013 by leading economists from the Oxford University under the leadership of prof. Dieter Helma. Over the past few years, Aurora has supported key players in the British and German energy and gas markets in shaping long-term strategies and helped to make investment decisions. Currently, Aurora has been developing a detailed model of the Polish energy market, taking into account the capacity market, with a resolution at the level of a single generation unit.

During the meeting, Aurora presented its forecasts in the field of wholesale prices and exit prices from auctions, shaping the energy mix, commodities, emissions, etc.