CONFERENCE: The role of electrification of heating in achieving climate neutrality of the sector



Poland's heating sector needs modernisation. Pressure to improve air quality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions is growing, which will force a technological revolution in the sector - currently inefficient, based mainly on burning coal.  What role can heat electrification play on the path to neutrality? We invite you to participate in the conference. NOTE: conference will be held in Polish.

12:00 - 12:10
Welcome word

Aleksandra Dziadykiewicz - Communication Manager, Forum Energii

12:10 - 12:15

Dr. Joanna Maćkowiak-Pandera - CEO, Forum Energii

12:15 - 12:40
The role of heat electrification on the path to climate neutrality

Andrzej Rubczyński - Heating Strategy Director, Forum Energii

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12:40 - 13:05
Financing the modernisation of heating sector

Paweł Wróbel - Gate Brussels

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13:05 - 13:25
Heat electrification from a National Power System perspective

Karol Wawrzyniak - National Centre for Nuclear Research

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13:25 - 14:25
Debate: Transformation of heating - priorities and constraints

Andrzej Kaźmierski - Deputy Director of Low-Emission Economy Department, Ministry of Economic Development, Labour and Technology

Paweł Lachman - President od Board, Polish Organization of Heat Pump Technology Development

Małgorzata Mika-Bryska  - Regulatory and Public Affairs Director in Veolia Energia Polska 

Bogusław Regulski - Vice-President of Izba Gospodarcza Ciepłownictwo Polskie

Piotr Sprzączak - Director of Heating Department, Ministry of Climate and Environment

Moderation: Andrzej Rubczyński - Forum Energii

14:25 - 14:30
Closing of the conference

Aleksandra Dziadykiewicz - Forum Energii


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