LeadAir program conference | Urban Strategies for Energy Security and Climate Neutrality



The challenges facing cities have changed dramatically - the COVID-19 pandemic, the Russian aggression in Ukraine, the energy emergency, ever-increasing expenses and ever-decreasing budgets. Local government action is key to responding thoughtfully and effectively in rapidly changing circumstances. Cities must be resilient, safe, accessible and green.


In the face of many challenges, uncertainties and high expectations, how do we make the transition?  How to nurture dialogue and engage residents in ambitious initiatives? How to think about development and large-scale projects with drastically increasing costs? We will try to answer these questions in a group of top experts from Poland and Europe. 

We believe that by working together at the European and national level we are stronger and more resilient to the crisis. During the conference, among 45 local governments, we will focus on three key areas: inspiring ambitious solutions, good practices and innovative projects, and cooperation among local governments to create better policies.  

We know that local governments participating in LeadAir are ready to implement effective strategies and create better living conditions. Cities that work with us can become a force for change for energy security and climate neutrality across the country. 

The "Municipal Strategies for Climate Neutrality and Energy Security" conference will focus on climate and environmental solutions and national policy recommendations from local governments. We have invited a group of top male and female experts from Poland and Europe to participate in the conference, including from the EC Directorate General for the Environment, the global network of mayors C40 or the organization Local Governments for Sustainability Europe. Representatives and representatives of the Ministry of Climate and the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management will also be with us. During the conference, we will provide space for discussion with the speakers and presenters. 


The conference is an event dedicated to the graduate cities of the LeadAir program, i.e. representatives and representatives of 45 local governments from all over Poland. 

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