Media study tour | Poland ahead of COP24



Against the backdrop of the upcoming COP24 climate conference in Poland, the Clean Energy Wire in partnership with Forum Energii is organising a media study tour that takes a closer look at how Poland is dealing with the political, economic and social aspects of energy transition ahead of climate summit in December. 


The tour takes place in Warsaw and Silesia from 7 to 10 October 2018, with participation of fiifteen journalists from 10 countries. 

The tour will alow the participants to deliberate more on the issues of the drivers of Poland’s transformation towards cleaner energy and Polish strategy being pursued in meeting the country’s obligations under the Paris Climate Agreement and the EU climate policy framework. We will discuss the socio-economic implications of climate policy in Poland as well as the idea of a “just transition”.

During the four-day study tour we will talk to government ministers and policy-makers, journalists, business and NGO leaders and energy policy experts.




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