Panel expert meeting | How to "green" Polish district heating?



In 2019, in the Clean Heat 2030 strategy, we identified four scenarios for reducing CO2 emissions in district heating. One of them predicted its complete decarbonisation by 2050. At that time, however, we did not present in detail the technologies that could help achieve this goal. During panel expert meeting we will present those which will play the most important role in the next decade and will enable us to achieve even 40% of RES in the heating sector in 2030. Together with the Renewable Energy Institute we have analysed their costs, application and specificity. We have not ignored the state of natural resources in Poland, regulations and megatrends. All this was described in the report "RES in District Heating. Technologies that will change the reality".

12.45 - 13.00
Logging in to the Zoom Meeting
13.00 - 13.05
Introduction to the panel

Joanna Maćkowiak-Pandera PhD, President of Forum Energii 

13.05 - 13.25
RES in district heating. Technologies that will change the reality - presentation of the most important conclusions from the report

Marcin Ścigan, Head of Renewables, Forum Energii

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13.25 - 13.35
40% RES in district heating - the most important areas to change

Grzegorz Wiśniewski, President of the Renewable Energy Institute

13.35 - 14.25

Moderator: Joanna Maćkowiak-Pandera PhD, President of Forum Energii

14.25 - 14.30

During the panel, in the formula of an online meeting, we want to discuss with experts from public administration and business the necessary actions to realize this ambitious vision. We also want to increase the role of decarbonisation of the heating sector in the economic development of our country. Therefore, we would like to analyze the possibilities of increasing domestic production capacity of RES equipment and potential recommendations for decision makers. We have invited about 15 experts to participate in the panel.

Participation in the panel of experts is possible only upon invitation and there is no open registration. Meetings are held in accordance with Chatham House rules to facilitate the free exchange of opinions among guests.

The Chatham House policy means that participants are free to use the information they receive without disclosing their personal information or affiliating to speakers or other participants. 

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