Panel expert meeting | RES contracts as a cost-containment method (PPA)



Industry in Poland faces rising energy prices and accelerating decarbonisation. Urgent programmes are needed to wisely support industry in dealing with the challenges. Emissions reduction is one of them. The growing climate ambition is not just due to environmental regulations, on the contrary - it is the result of increasing pressure from society and customer expectations. How can efforts to protect the climate and increase the share of renewable energy simultaneously support improvements in companies' cost efficiency? One of such solutions are long-term RES contracts, the so-called PPAs.


Forum Energii with support from Aurora Energy Research is preparing an analysis on how industry can benefit from cPPAs - buying energy directly from green power generators at competitive prices. The report also looks at the barriers to the development of such contracts and shows how removing barriers will affect cPPA supply and demand up to 2030.

During the expert panel, we presented preliminary results of the report and invited guests to discuss the expectations of the RES industry and investors in the context of the cPPA's role in decarbonisation of the Polish economy. We want to include the results of this discussion in the final version of the report, which will be published soon. 

Expert panels organised by the Forum Energii are held in the chatham house formula. About 20 experts took part in the meeting. 

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