Panel expert meeting | Locational market - an answer to the challenges in the Polish power system?



The energy market is undergoing major changes. The most important motivation for reforms is the lack of appropriate price signals to invest in energy and the lack of mechanisms to reward flexibility. Is a locational market an answer to the challenges in the system? Its pros and cons were discussed during the panel of experts on the September 18, 2018. 

12.30 - 13.00
Lunch and networking
13.00 - 13.10
Welcome words and introduction

Dr Joanna Maćkowiak-Pandera, President of Forum Energii 

13.10 - 13.40
Locational pricing – previous experiences

Mike Hogan, Regulatory Assistance Project

Mike Hogan
13.40 - 14.10
Balancing market and locational pricing in the context of flexibility of the market

Konrad Purchała, Deputy Director of the Department of International Cooperation PSE S.A.

Konrad Purchała
14.10 - 15.30
Q&A and exchange of views

Moderator: Paweł Smoleń, Forum Energii

15.30 - 16.00
Coffee and networking

Low energy prices - good for consumers - do not allow the recovery of power generation assets, which, in the long-term perspective, may threaten energy security. In the European Union the share of renewable sources is expected to increase and reach 50% in 2030. However, keeping the energy system safe requires transformation of the energy market. The energy market reform is inevitable and it results directly from the winter package affecting its paradigm.

During the panel of experts, we were discussing the directions of energy market reform and the current international trends. In particular, we were talking about the advantages and disadvantages of the locational market and the implications for low-emission energy modernization and consumers.

We had invited an American expert Mike Hogan from Regulatory Assistance Project, who  share his experience in implementing the locational market in the United States. Together, we will be deliberating till what extent these experiences can support energy market reform in Poland.