Panel expert meeting | Green Gases



One of the key goals of the European Union is to achieve climate neutrality. This cannot be done without the energy transition. The aim of the event, in the formula of a panel expert meeting, was a critical discussion on the further development of green gases, based on the guidelines for the hydrogen strategy of the Ministry of Climate and the report of the Forum Energii, which will be published soon.

13:00 - 13.05

Joanna Maćkowiak-Pandera, CEO Forum Energii 

13:05 - 13:25
Presentation: conclusions from the analysis "The role of hydrogen and biomethane in the energy transformation of Poland" (working title)

Tobiasz Adamczewski, Head od Renewables, Forum Energii 

13:25 - 14:30
Q&A on presentation and moderated discussion on the future of green gases in the energy transition in Poland

Why is this an issue?

Analysing the paths of Poland's energy transition, we can see how important a role can be played by green gases, i.e. hydrogen and biomethane. Green gases will be crucial in the transport and heating sectors, as well as in balancing the power system. Together with the international consulting company Navigant, we analyse the potential of supply and demand for green gases in Poland and the dynamics of their implementation in the economic and technical context.

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