Expert dialogue | Poland's Energy Policy 2040 - in search of an ideal scenario



The Ministry of Energy presented the long-awaited draft of the Poland's Energy Policy until 2040 for consultation. Forum Energii, considering this document as a basis for discussion, prepared an in-depth analysis of the document. We believe that especially now, when the last bell for strategic decisions concerning the future of the Polish energy sector is ringing, it is necessary to speak out. 

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In our opinion, the ideas of the Ministry of Energy are only the first part of the debate on Polish energy. We are awaiting a discussion at government level and the publication and consultation of a national plan on energy and climate by 2030, which we are obliged to present to the European Commission.
The analysis, used for the evaluation of Poland's Energy Policy (PEP 2040), which we presented during the meeting, was carried out by Enervis and is a continuation of one of the largest research projects carried out so far by the Forum Energii, i.e. the report "Polish energy sector 2050. 4 scenarios".

Forum Energii invited experts and journalists to discuss possible scenarios for the development of the energy sector in Poland. 

Detailed comments on PEP2040 are available at this link



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