Polish power sector riding on the wave of megatrends


Megatrends are major and permanent changes of social, economic, technological or political nature that affect societies, governments, and economies of particular countries. They form slowly but when accelerated, they are irreversible. Together with experts, we have identified the most important megatrends in the European energy sector that are affecting Poland. 

They include, among other things: the decreasing costs of renewable energy generation, reduction of the environmental impacts of power generation in fossil fuel plants on human health and global climate, the changing role of coal, and emerging, new business models in the energy sector. Numerous countries in Europe and worldwide have been transforming their energy systems under the increasing influence of megatrends. You may disagree with the direction of these megatrends, but they have to be taken into consideration when drawing up strategic papers and taking decisions relating to the energy sector with a perspective up to the year 2050. In recent years, one might have the impression that decision makers have assumed that the regulatory and technical levels of the electricity sector exist in isolation, which is as if monopolies operating fixed line wire communications attempted to stop the growth of mobile telecommunications. Change in the energy paradigm is inevitable, the question is what national strategy should be adopted so that the economy and society could benefit.


Title of analysis: "Polish power sector riding on the wave of megatrends"
Date of publication: June 2016
Authors: Irena Pichola, Artur Świętanowski, Rafał Rudzki, Magdalena Dembińska, Monika Walencka, Marcin Heydel, Karolina Wojtasiak Deloitte Advisory
Cooperation: Paweł Smoleń, Agata Staniewska, Janusz Bil, Wojciech Kość

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